Ventilation Design

Mark Heat Recovery Systems offer great service from start to finish. From the sale right through to the aftercare service.

Our Expertise

Our design experts will be able to talk through your requirements taking into consideration any obstacles that may accrue on site such a solid timbers, vaulted ceilings, steels etc.

What's Involved

Planning out ducting runs / drops / ceiling & wall terminal & location of the main MVHR unit early in the build process can be vital to ensure the MVHR unit is running efficient and quiet. Is it very important to keep ducting runs as short as possible and centralise the main heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR).

  • Floor plans will show location of each ceiling terminal, dimension of ducting size, location of external vents / wall & location of the main MVHR unit
  • Airflow rates will be provided on the design to help commission / balance the MVHR to ensure its working as per designed & meeting building regulations
  • You may have to alter the design to suit specific requirements of the building
  • Number of pipes / ducts going to each room terminal MUST be followed as per the design.
  • ALL “habitable rooms” will be providing fresh air
  • ALL “wet room” will be extracting
A close up of a house floor plan with a metal device on top of the floor plan.

Our Services

Mark Heat Recovery Systems offer a wide range of high efficient Heat Recovery Systems to ensure a comfortable and healthy living environment for your home.