MVHR Servicing & Maintenance

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A close-up photo of a control panel for a ventilation unit. The panel is made of white plastic and has several buttons and lights.

What's Involved

Most MVHR systems require an annual service & filter change every 6-8 months (depending on your location, urban, suburban or rural) this is recommended by the manufacture to ensure the system is operating to its full potential.  

Lack of servicing / maintenance will result in poor indoor air quality. Clogged filters can put strain on the operation of the fans in which can result of these being replaced.

What’s involved in an annual service?

Service involves:
  • Replacing Filters (additional filter charges are applied).
  • Clean/Check fan operation.
  • Clean/Swap Heat Exchanger Block (Depending is the unit has an automatic summer bypass.
  • Check condensation drain is draining away freely!
  • Check Mounting of Unit.
  • Clean Internal Registers (Where accessible).
  • Check External Grilles.
  • Clean inside the unit.
  • Make sure the controller is set up to the customer’s needs and making sure the customer fully understand how to operate the controller to get the most out of the MVHR system / Clear any maintenance reminders that appear.
A close up of a black and white material filter next to eachother.
A close up of a clean, white new and dirty and grey used filter next to each other.
A dark green leaf shaped icon floating above a smaller lighter green lead shaped icon.
Failing to keep on top of the service may affect the warranty of your unit.

“Nothings better than changing your filters, it’s an investment in your air quality”


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