Our design experts will be able to talk through your requirements taking into consideration any obstacles that may accrue on site such a solid timber, vaulted ceiling, steels etc.

Planning out ducting runs / drops early in the build process early can be vital. Is it very important to keep ducting runs as short as possible and centralise the main heat recovery ventilation system (MVHR) to avoid noise levels.  


Zehnder ComfoAir 350


We can provide a variety of SAP Q Heat Recovery Units and 75mm semi rigid ducting system up to 90% efficiency, on a supply only basis.

Please see our products page for further information.

Zehnder ComfoAir 350


As part of the 2010 revision of the Building Regulations for England and Wales or the Technical Handbook Section 3.14 in Scotland, it became necessary for domestic ventilation to be “notifiable work” as part of Approved Document Part F.

This means that all MVHR installation work must now be commissioned by a suitably qualified person trained and registered with BPEC.

Although self-installations are perfectly feasible, it is worth bearing in mind that when fitting Systems 1-4 as specified in Part F of the Building Regulations it is recommended that these are carried out by a BPEC accredited engineer which will also improve your SAP rating. 

Its purpose is to support and assist the installers and get the installation off to a flying start!

Zehnder ComfoAir 350


Our commissioning service involves a member of our technical team attending your site/home to set up and commission your ventilation system and offer full user guide instruction.

This is not a Second Fix installation service. Its purpose is to adjust and commission the system and ensure the operation / maintenance is fully understood.


Our Site Support Service involves a member of our technical team attending your site for a day to assist and offer on site training to your own installers. This is not a full installation service.


Filters are recommended to be changed every 6-8 months. Please keep an eye on these as clogged filter can reduce the airflow.

Give your heat recovery unit an annual service which we would strongly recommend to ensure your system is set up correctly and working to its full potential


Our installer are BPEC accredited which not only assures you of their competence but could also improve your SAP rating. They will meticulously complete the checklist provided as part of the Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide 2010 to satisfy the requirements of Building Control.

Even if you’ve purchased your heat recovery ventilation products elsewhere, or have inherited a system that requires maintenance, our installation team will be happy to assist you.