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What's Involved

Commissioning service involves a member of our engineering team to attend your site/home to adjust and commission your heat recovery system and ensure that the units are fully operational, and the maintenance is fully understood. 

A full report will be signed and issued and will also detail and works that need to be completed along with a certificate to pass on to your building control (Part F), together with a full user guide.

The Importance of a Balanced System

  • Commissioning your system is key in achieving a quiet and efficient system that is balanced. A balanced system is important so that rooms have the correct air changes and so your system is not being over worked.
  • An unbalanced system can substantially reduce the heat recovery rate.
  • Also the system is balanced, which means the extract flow rate is adjusted to be the same as the supply flow rate. Thereby no overall positive or negative pressure is building up in the dwelling.
A close-up view of a ventilation system with a digital display in a building under construction. The system consists of exposed metal pipes with the brand name “Vent Axia” printed on them and an energy consumption sticker.
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The commissioning requires specialist equipment, such as a vane anemometer in which as has calibrated once a year. On completion of the commissioning procedure, we will send over a documentation of the “Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide 2010 edition” in which you will be required to pass across to building control in order the get the property signed off! This will be your “Part F” Certification


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