Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR) is a whole house ventilation system which works by extracting dirty stale air (wet area) and supplying clean filtered fresh air into (habitable rooms) while recycling the heat that would normally be discharged to the outside.


Step 1
Dirty, stale air is continually extracted from all the wet areas by the heat recovery unit, through unobtrusive white steel ceiling or wall mounted extract registers.

Step 2 
This air then makes its way through the 75mm anti static radial ducting system, directly back to extract plenum box by directly connecting each inlet/outlet there is zero leakage from there then back to the heat recovery unit via galvanised rigid ducting. Before being discharged outside, it passes through the counter flow heat exchanger giving up its heat to the cold fresh air coming into the house.

Step 3 
The highly filtered supply air is warmed up and heated up to the required temperature by the water heater coil (linked to your wet heating system) or an electric heater element (if required) ensuring no cold draughts, which must be avoided

Step 4 
The supply air is now delivered through the smooth bore anti static 75mm radial ducting, through ceiling or wall mounted supply registers by the heat recovery unit, to all the habitable rooms (the lounge, dining room, family room, study, all bedrooms) resulting in whole house ventilation.

Health benefits

It is vital to your health and well being to change all the air in homes, continually replacing the stale contaminated air with highly filtered, fresh air from outside.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will provide a constant supply of fresh air to the house, providing you with many health benefits.

Before entering your home, this air will be filtered of dust, pollution and pollen, creating a very healthy living environment.

Highly energy efficient

A HRV system will ensure high levels of energy-efficiency and significant savings on heating costs. Unlike out-dated systems, a HVR system will not simply ’dump’ all of the heat from the extracted air outside the house.

Before being discharged outside, the extracted air passes through the plate or counter flow heat exchanger within the Heat Recovery Ventilation Unit, giving up its heat to the cold fresh air coming into the house. All of our heat exchangers are of the highest specification and heat recovery efficiency. They will improve your SAP rating rather than detract from it.

Cool your home on hot and humid summer days

During the hot & humid days, the MVHR will take over and extract the heat generated from your property, and allow cool filtered fresh air to be transferred around your home. This saves you opening windows and doors.

Remove stale and unwated odours

The fresh air from the MVHR system will tackle everyday strong odours in your property typically emanating from cooking and pets that would ordinarily linger for days!

Benefits for asthma and allergy sufferers

By controlling the humidity within the home, dust mites are less able to breed and the population will diminish, helping asthma and dust mite sufferers to breathe more easily.

However, by ensuring that there is a continuous supply of filtered fresh air, this is the quickest and most effective method of getting rid of the number of house dust mite.

An end to condensation problems

Moist air in your home can lead to condensation problems, the build up of which can cause real damage and expense. A highly insulated house will suffer from such problems if not well ventilated.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will ensure that all moist and humid air is constantly removed from wet areas in the house, preventing problems of condensation and fungal growth, the spores of which can be seriously detrimental to the health of the occupants.

No more trickle vents or extractor fans

A whole house Heat Recovery Ventilation system will completely negate the need for trickle vents in your windows and extractor fans in any wet rooms.

This fully complies with Building Regulations and so there is no need to ruin your brand new expensive windows!

Leave your windows closed whilst you sleep

Worried about leaving your window upstairs open whilst you are in bed?

The MVHR will constantly supply fresh air round your home, so there is no more sleepless nights worrying about security issues.