Mr Mansfield first enquired about Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) at the Homebuilding & RenovationShow 2017 at the NEC.

MrMansfield is developing a self-build, 4 bedroom, 3 storey property in Coventry.

Mark Heat Recovery System offered a full MVHR package-designed , supplied, install & commisioning service to his new development.

Afer seeing the benefit of the semi rigid 75mm radial ducting system (SAPQ Tested) at the show, he decided to go down this route rather than a branch system, he also liked that there is “no noise transfer between rooms” & also  “zero leakage ensures performance – no loss of valuable regained air”.

It is vital to your health andwellbeing to change all the air in homes, continualy replacing the stale contaminated air with highly  filtered, fresh air from outside.

Mr Mansfield’s MVHR system will provide a constant supply of  fresh air to the house. Before entering his self-build the air will be filtered of dust, pollution and pollen, creating a very healthy living environment.

MrMansfield’s two Heat Recovery Ventilation systems will ensure high levels of energy-efficiency and significant savings on heating costs.